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Upcoming changes to the CIPP/US exam

Upcoming changes to the CIPP/US exam

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The article covers the changes that have been made to the certification exam which will come into effect from 3rd October. People appearing for the exam before that may follow the earlier pattern but anyone after should take a closer look at the syllabus.


Changes in the exam are: 


The changes to the certification are very minor including the following:

  • Exemptions under state laws have been added to the limits on private sector data collection and use and also add compliance requirements to the Driver’s Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) for private companies. 
  • Further, candidates need to understand Automated employment decision tools while dealing with workplace privacy. 
  • Lastly, the section relating to recent development has been cut down to only include important developments and amendments post-2018.


Take Tsaaro’s CIPP/US mock exams in keeping with the latest rule and regulatory updates. You can stay current with the shifting regime by taking these practice examinations. 

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