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PrivacyCast -

The Data Privacy Podcast
with Akarsh Singh

Your weekly dose of Data Privacy with Akarsh Singh.
PrivacyCast enables you to understand Data Privacy Technology, its evolution, and the change it brings to you through each episode with some of the best industry leaders & data privacy experts.

OUR MISSION is to give you a sneak-peek into how the data privacy experts have built their careers and grown in each of their roles.

Privacy Cast Season 2

Season 2, Episode 4

“Insider Risk- The Invisible Threat”

Tune in to our latest episode where our speakers with Erik S. Director at Signpost Six, and Himanshu Gautam, Chief Technology Officer at 2Solar software with our very own Host – Akarsh Singh discuss insider risks, steps to reduce such risks, and how to go about building a career in this area.

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Season 2, Episode 3

“Data Privacy Vs Data Protection"

Join us in this episode where our speakers Dimitri Sirota CEO at BigID , Tejasvi Addagada DPO at Axis Bank and our host Akarsh Singh dwell on the intricacies of these two highly debated concepts – Data Privacy & Data Protection.

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Season 2, Episode 2

“Trust and Privacy”

In this episode, our host Akarsh Singh discusses what trust software is, the challenges to consumers, employees, and stakeholders, managing data security, and building a career in trust & security with our guests Caitlin Fennessy, VP & Chief Knowledge Officer at the IAPP and Blake Brannon, Chief Strategy Officer & Vice President of Product at OneTrust.

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Season 2, Episode 1

“International Data Transfers”

Tune in to the first episode of PrivacyCast where Akarsh Singh, Oana Ducuță, DPO, OneTrust PrivacyConnect Chapter Chair, and Debbie Reynolds, “The Data Diva” a world-renowned technologist, thought-leader, and advisor handling global Data Privacy, discuss the impact of Schrems II, New SCCs on companies and organizations in the US, the future of international data transfers, challenges faced by Product based companies and SaaS startups in complying with data protection regulations.

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