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ISO/IEC 27701 Training & Certification

The ISO/IEC 27701 Lead Auditor training and certification course teaches you how to execute a Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) audit using generally accepted audit principles, processes, and methodologies.


ISO/IEC 27701 - Only Training

This course will provide you with sufficient information on auditing your ISO/IEC 27701:2019 implementation so that you and your company can comprehend, detect, correct, and monitor the framework’s efficacy.


Corporate Training

The ISO/IEC 27701:2019 standard is intended to assist companies better understand, manage, and mitigate the risks connected with personal information. ISO/IEC 27701:2019 specifies requirements and provides guidance for developing, deploying, maintaining, and continuously improving a PIMS.

The standard developed under ISO/IEC 27701 is to understand and help businesses understand, manage and work towards reducing the risks that comes along with personal information. This standard can also be understood as an extension to ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27002 for privacy management within the ambit of your organisation. Aiming to lay out the specifications and offer support through assistance in developing, implementing, managing and constantly upgrading to a better PIMS. 

After an organisation has successfully implemented ISO/IEC 27701:2019, it is crucial for the organisation to assess and evaluate the efficiency of the implementation of activities in relevance to create and identify, what is working and what can be improved. The flexibility provided by the framework allows the organisation to adapt their operations in response to the findings of their measurement procedures. 

Unlike any other ISO 27701 Lead Auditor Training course available on the internet, Tsaaro’s lead auditor training will allow you to grasp practical concepts and assist you in achieving your objective of gaining the coveted ISO 27701 Lead Auditor Certification.

The course is aimed at anyone who has already implemented and qualified in auditing management systems such as ISO/IEC 27001, and is interested in gaining experience and knowledge in conducting ISO/IEC 27701:2019 process audits.

Apart from having an understanding of the key principles of auditing, you should already have a good knowledge of ISO/IEC 27001 requirements and the key principles of a personal information management system (PIMS).

Reasons Why You should opt-for the ISO 27701 2019 Lead Auditor Training.

The training will help you in understanding and recognising the objectives of Privacy Information Management System (PIMS), in addition to grasping the complexities of the protocols involved in building, implementing, and developing the system. This credential helps you gain advantage over your competition, by demonstrating your expertise and confirming your edge over data protection regulations and their compliance. This will also provide you with reduced intervention expenses usually used to manage and track major privacy concerns and risks. This certification has helped many with understanding the detailed security and privacy regulations, effectively setting PII processor and operations and increasing the transparency. By achieving this globally accepted and highly coveted ISO 27701 Lead Auditor Certification you can carve a niche for yourself in your organization.  

It will allow you to

  • Master the concepts, approaches, methods and techniques used for the implementation and effective management of a PIMS.
  • Learn about the correlation between ISO/IEC 27701, ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27002 and other standards and regulatory frameworks.
  • Understand the operation of a PIMS based on ISO/IEC 27701 and its principal processes.
  • Reduce intervention costs through internal processes that regularly monitor key challenges, to control risks and costs related to privacy.
  • Improve transparency – with detailed security & privacy controls for your PII processor & controllers.
  • Achieve world-class standards – implement PIMS The ISO 27701 2019 Lead Auditor Training will provide you with the ability to:
  • Recognize the key operational requirements of ISO/IEC 27701:2019.
  • Identify what and who should be audited and why?
  • Determine where to look for evidence when conducting audits.
  • Determine how to take a pragmatic business-focused approach to auditing your organization against requirements which can be open to interpretation.


  • which enables you to benchmark, measure and report data privacy improvements.

Practical Learning Objectives

  • Familiarize yourself with ISO/IEC 27701:2019 requirements in detail.
  • Know about the resource requirements and process requirements for Privacy Information Management System.
  • Understand the documented information required by ISO/IEC 27701:2019.
  • Understand documentation and list of procedures to be maintained, and to check them as internal auditor.
  • Get the knowledge of internal auditing as per ISO 27701 and use of audit checklist.
  • Know about the types of auditing and questioning techniques.
  • Familiarize implementation of ISO/IEC 27701:2019 Lead Auditor programs for auditing and writing nonconformity and doing adequacy audit of sample documents of some company in detail.
  • Get the ready-to-use ISO 27701 audit checklists with clause-wise questions to perform an effective audit.
  • Understand implementation issues.

Who should take this ISO 27701 Lead Auditor Training course?

Our training course involves learning through experts for acquiring abilities necessary to perform audits in compliance to ISO/IEC 27701 certification.  This helps to unfold the complexities and learn deeply about the protection of privacy in accordance to the processing of personal data information. The certification will assist you in mastering the audit processes involved and developing a sense of expertise in them, administering and managing an audit team, while also effectively communicating it to users, in addition to helping you settle potential conflicts that can arise through practical exercises. 

The completion of this course helps you to earn not only the credentials, but also the ability to perform effective audits based on globally recognised Lead Auditor Standards. 

These professionals should go for the training: 

  • Auditors interested in leading Privacy Information Management System (PIMS) certification audits.
  • Managers or consultants interested in mastering a PIMS audit process.
  • Individuals responsible for maintaining conformance with PIMS requirements.
  • Technical experts seeking to prepare for a PIMS audit.
  • Expert advisors in the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
  • Legal / Compliance Officers with relevant prior knowledge.

ISO 27701  Lead Auditor Certification. 

There is an exam at the end of the ISO 27701 Lead Auditor training course. You will be awarded the ISO 27701 Lead Auditor certification after clearing the certification exam at the end of the training. The exam can be scheduled at your convenience.

  • Passing Criteria: 50% of the total marks
  • You can have a total of 2 attempts to clear the exam

 Introduction to ISO/IEC 27701 and initiation of a PIMS

  • Training course objectives and structure.
  • Standards and regulatory frameworks.
  • Certification process.
  • Fundamental information security and privacy concepts and principles.
  • Privacy information management system (PIMS).
  • PIMS scope and its area.

 Audit principles, preparation, and launching of an audit

  • Fundamental audit concepts and principles.
  • The impact of trends and technology in auditing.
  • Evidence-based auditing.
  • Risk-based auditing.
  • Initiation of the audit process.
  • Stage 1 audit.

 On-site audit activities

  • Preparations for stage 2 audit (on-site audit).
  • Stage 2 audit.
  • Communication during the audit.
  • Audit procedures.
  • Creating audit test plans.

 PIMS Monitoring, Continual Improvement, and Preparation for the Certification Audit and Certification Exam

  • Drafting audit findings and nonconformity reports.
  • Audit documentation and quality review.
  • Closing of the audit.
  • Evaluation of action plans by the auditor.
  • Beyond the initial audit.
  • Managing an internal audit program.
  • Closing of the training course.

Classroom Practical Exercise

  • Based on a Case Scenario Draft a Data Retention & Disposal Policy.
  • Based on a Case Scenario Draft a Data Retention Schedule.

Delivery Format

  • 4 Live practical sessions with case studies.
  • Instructor-led online training.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Our refund policy is quite simple. You can write your refund request at info@tsaaroacademy.com. You are eligible for a full refund if you cancel the course 2 weeks before the course commencement date. You are eligible for a 50% refund if you cancel the course within 2 weeks prior to the course commencement date. There shall not be any refund provided on or after the course commencement date.

Confirmation & Reservation

When registration is confirmed, participants will receive our email confirmation along with information about the course programme. If no seats are available for the applied date, you will be notified immediately and given an alternative date.
Tsaaro Academy reserves the right to change the course schedules, programmes and content without prior notice. We also reserve the right to cancel courses due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • No. of questions: 90
  • MCQ based questions
  • Duration: 2.5 hrs.
  • Pass percentage: 60%
1:1 training
Test your knowledge
Akarsh singh

Akarsh Singh

FIP, CIPT, CIPP/E, CIPM & ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

Akarsh is an active Data Protection and Privacy expert who possesses the right mix of Information Technology and Analytical Skills.

krishna Srivastav

Krishna Shrivastava

FIP, CIPP/E, CIPM, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

Mr Krishna is a cybersecurity expert with experience in risk consulting and data privacy compliance.


Sasikanth Akhilesh M

FIP, CIPT, CIPP/E, CIPM, Senior Data Privacy Consultant

Mr Sasikanth is a strong consulting professional with an MBA in Business Strategy and Information Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee.

Alka singh

Alka Singh

FIP, CIPP/E, CIPP/US, CIPM, Privacy and Compliance Manager

Ms. Alka Singh is an expert in Data Protection. She has the right knowledge about global data privacy laws,with over 7 years of experience in Data Privacy.


Arvind Subramaniam


Mr. Arvind is a Data privacy specialist and brings in over 9 years of experience in the area of IT Risk Management covering Data Privacy, Information Security Advisory and Risk Assessment.


Surya Vijay Singh

CIPP/E, ISO 27001 LA & ISO 27701 LA

Mr. Surya is a result oriented professional with experience in delivering value and innovation in Cyber Strategy, Data Privacy, Information Security, Business Resiliency & Cloud Compliance.


Rishi Wadhwa

CIPPe, ISO/IEC 27701 LI, ISO 27001 Lead Auditor

Rishi Wadhwa comes from a law & public policy background. He has vast experience in the technology space both from the legal & advisory-compliance perspective. He was a former legal associate at one of the leading law firms. 

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Alumni Network

Vani M
January 08, 2023
Read More

Tsaaro training material was simple and easy to understand,which made it very easy to clear my certification. The mentor was not in a hurry and was available to answer all queries with lots of patience. Recommend Tsaaro for any certifications for Privacy topics. Would like to thank Padma ,who has always been very supportive in knowing about the training details.,whenever contacted .

Phani Kumar
February 1, 2023
Read More

"Pros - Well experienced trainers, quality content, doubt clearing sessions, mentorship Cons - It would be helpful to refresh the basic terminology before the session."

February 21, 2023
Read More

"They give good training that helps you crack privacy exams."

Santosh Raula
January 17, 2023
Read More

"Tsaaro Academy provides a great training for all kind of privacy programs.. In one line we can say Tsaaro creates Champs.. Tsaaro is not just a name, it is synonymous to privacy in India.."

Raghvendra Pathak
January 06, 2023
Read More

"I had the discussion with mentors and majority of my doubts about my career planning got solved. Mentors tried to explain all the facets of the field and it was really worth attending the mentorship session.."

December 28, 2022
Read More

"Tsaaro is an extremely encouraging place for anyone looking to get initiation into privacy. The network you build in Tsaaro is amazing. The trainers and amiable and solve all doubts in record time. In terms of exam preparation, all the resources required for same are provided."


Determine your organization’s need for the certification and familiarize yourself with the requirements of the standard.

ISO 27001 is a security standard that focuses on protecting information assets, while ISO 27701 provides additional privacy requirements and guidelines specific to the management of personal data.

Any organization, regardless of size or industry, can become certified to ISO 27701 if they meet the standard’s requirements.

Yes, ISO 27701 can be integrated with other management system standards, such as ISO 27001, to provide a comprehensive approach to managing privacy and security

ISO 27701 certification needs to be recertified every three years.

The certification process involves developing and implementing a PIMS, passing an internal                      audit, and passing a certification audit by an accredited third-party auditor

ISO 27701 certification provides assurance to customers, regulators, and stakeholders that an organization takes privacy seriously and has implemented best practices for managing personal data.

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The IAPP has created a certification program for information privacy that is well-known throughout the world. The following credentials are offered as part of its current certification offerings: 

CIPP/US – Certified Information Privacy Professional/United States


Want to start a career in the Privacy domain? Have you heard about CIPP/US? The Privacy scene in the USA is taking a shift, with multiple states developing their data protection legislations. Are you wondering how to make a mark in the US privacy market? Stop worrying and get CIPP/US certified by IAPP and Tsaaro Academy.
CIPM Certified Information Privacy Manager
Certified Information Privacy Manager


Identifying experts who oversee daily privacy operations for corporations and organizations is the goal of the Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM) certification program. Your ability to develop, implement, and oversee a privacy programme at all phases of its lifecycle is demonstrated by your CIPM certification.
Certified Information Privacy Technologist
Certified Information Privacy Technologist


The Certified Information Privacy Technologist (CIPT) program strives to identify IT workers who consistently use privacy policies, tools, and technologies at work, if not exclusively. Having CIPT certification shows that you are proficient in both privacy and technology, which is necessary to ensure that operations satisfy privacy goals and reduce risks.
Certified Tsaaro – Data Protection Officer ( CT – DPO) – Practitioner

CT – DPO Practitioner

As per the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), a total of 128 out of 194 countries have already implemented legislation to secure data privacy. This number has been skyrocketing for the past few years. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) marked the beginning of a new era of data protection.
DSCI Certified Privacy Professional (DCPP)


The DCPP is a certification program which enables professionals to acquire the required skills and practical knowledge to advance their career in the field of data privacy. It is an industry standard program for professionals working and entering the field of privacy.
Certified Information Security Manager Tsaaro academy
CISM – Certified Information Security Manager (Training)


The CISM is a certification that promotes global security principles and verifies employees’ abilities to manage designs, monitor and analyse information security in a company. Tsaaro ‘s CISM training course assists applicants in developing an understanding of risk management, information security governance, and developing security policies and strategies to fulfil organisational objectives.

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