Hear from Pranay Daga, on his CIPP/E Certification

About Pranay:

Greetings everyone, my name is Pranay Daga. I am a final-year law candidate from Jindal Global Law School with a strong interest in Cybersecurity and Technology Laws with a specialised emphasis on Data Protection & Privacy.


  1. How did you get interested in the field of Data Privacy?

My relationship with Data Privacy does not stem from my legal background per se, it originates more from ‘pragmatic scepticism’. A little fun fact: my inclination toward Privacy is a by-product of the Edward Snowden Effect and the whistle-blower – Anonymous Group. Not to mention the countless pop-culture pieces like Black Mirror, The Circle, and The Great Hack have had quite an impact. The more I watch and read news of hefty breaches by Tech Giants, the more I get drawn toward Privacy.

  1. What is the importance of certifications for anyone in the field of privacy?

Industry-recognized certifications such as from IAPP are the hallmark that validates one’s knowledge in the field of privacy. The extensive curriculum you consume and the rigorous exam you pass to achieve these certifications showcase that you have taken the extra mile.

  1. How beneficial is CIPP/e for Law students?

It’s a straightforward answer – “very beneficial”. CIPP/E validates your knowledge of GDPR and EU Privacy Legislation, which is the world standard for Privacy Laws. Any Law student like me who aspires to work in the domain of privacy shall get an early push with Industry-standard knowledge and recognition.

  1. What are the top reasons why students should get certified early?

In the immortal words of Mark Twain, I second this – “The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started”. If a student is sure to work and excel in the field of privacy, they must start early too. Experience comes with work but the knowledge to work comes with learning – get a CIPP/E to showcase your comprehensive understanding of Privacy Legislation. PS: Just go for it!

  1. How did Tsaaro Academy help you in your CIPPe certification?

The one thing that stood out for me was the teaching methodology, not the usual ‘preach and teach method’. It was more of a conversation-driven teaching style and who knew intense law subjects like GDPR could be this fun to learn. Tsaaro Academy provided continuous support and doubt-clearing sessions even days after up until I was finally a CIPP/E.

  1. Would you recommend Tsaaro Academy?

Hands down, I will leave the answer to this as a short and sweet YES! Looking forward to the CIPM and CIPT Training from Tsaaro Academy down the line as well.