Hear from Rajvi

About Rajvi

Rajvi is currently working as an assistant manager in Paytabs (a fintech organisation) and is handling Information security and Data protection. 

  1. How did you get into the field of Data Privacy? 

Since UAE is coming up with the data protection law, the requirements for the same grew up in our company here. We are liable to maintain compliance whin in turn motivated me to obtain certification in privacy and build my knowledge in the field.


My first exposure to Data Privacy was in my previous organisation Unilever, an EU-based company and we had to do data mapping there in 2018 to be compliant and after which  I came to Dubai and GDPR became a major factor here as well. I realised that  information security which was my background is also linked with Privacy in more than one way and they gp hand in hand. 


  1. What is the importance of certifications for anyone in the field of privacy?

Privacy was a new domain for me, and I realised that there is a need to learn it and understand it comprehensively. For that purpose, I was looking out for certifications. Similarly, for anyone to start in the field of privacy, certifications play a crucial role and help you in your career. 


  1. How did you come to know about Tsaaro Academy?

I researched a lot for the certification at that point, I came across Tsaaro Academy and decided to pursue my certification from here. I first started with CIPP/e. I had a detailed discussion with Akarsh and he informed me in detail about all the IAPP certifications and later I pursued IAPP as well, and went on to pursue CIPT too with Tsaaro Academy.


  1. How did you decide which certification to pursue?

In my current role, I had to administer into the development processes. As we are in the financial industry, we have the payment gateway, we have to make sure that personal data flow has to be handled properly and the same isn’t exposed. The work behind the same motivated me to continue my learning with CIPT. 


  1. How did Tsaaro Academy help you in your Journey?

When I started my CIPT journey, it was difficult for me to read the contents for my certifications as it was very technical and you had to understand each and every concept for the exam. In that process, I got a lot of help from Tsaaro Academy. I did training of CIPP/e with Alka and CIPT with Akhilesh and both of the trainings gave a lot of confidence for going forward with the exam. After the training was completed, whatsapp group were formed to pose doubts and questions and they were so much supportive for clearing the doubts, once I finished CIPP/e I opted for CIPT because of the immense support. 


  1. Will you recommend Tsaaro Academy?

I recommend it to many people including friends, family and colleagues and will keep recommending it. It is important for everyone especially those in the field of security to learn about privacy. The experience and certification helps certainly helps in a dynamic field like Data Privacy.