Hear from Pramod K

About Pramod K

Pramod is an Information Technology Security Manager with 15 years of experience in the areas of Information Security, Risk Management, Data Privacy, Security Audit and Compliance and Cloud Security.

  • How did you get into the field of Data Privacy?

I have more than 14+ years of experience in Information Security, compliance and in that, audits and technical part is my focus area. Privacy requirements are growing day by day and organizations need to compliant with these requirements. As an Information Security professional I wanted to acquire the required knowledge to help me with my current role.

  • What is the importance of certifications for anyone in the field of privacy?

It is very important for everyone as until and unless you have a good understanding of the domains.An understanding of the basics is very important. You have to do a lot of groundwork and gain the required knowledge to increase your market value . It enhances career opportunities in the field of privacy where the market is growing a lot. You need to focus on the next five years and understand what would be more appropriate and help you enhance your value in the industry.

  • How did you come to know about Tsaaro Academy?

Having decided to pursue certifications, I realised that no one else provides these services apart from Tsaaro Academy and the quality is good. So, that’s why I looked up Tsaaro Academy and got in touch with them.

  • How did Tsaaro Academy help you in your Journey?

Tsaaro academy had great training for CIPT where knowledge shared by the Trainers was exquisite. Further, the resources, notes and recorded sessions were very helpful in preparation for the exam.

  • Will you recommend Tsaaro Academy?

I recommend it to many people including friends, family and colleagues and will keep recommending it. It is important for everyone especially those in the field of security to learn about privacy.