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Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

As India is now known to produce humongous amount of digital data, the Indian government has come up with the Digital Personal Data Protection, which is India’s first dedicated data protection law. India will thus join a score of countries which have a law that lays down a proper framework of rights, duties, and recourses for people whose data is collected.


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What is Digital Personal Data Protection Bill

The Supreme Court of India held the Right to Privacy to be a Fundamental Right. It mandated the Government to legislate a comprehensive data protection law. Thus, India, like many other countries has come up with its own iteration of a dedicated data protection law. It sets up certain compliance requirements (such as taking of consent for processing of data, appointing a DPO etc.) and has set up a regime of fines for non- compliance. It is very important for organizations dealing with people’s personal data to understand how this law will work.

Events by Tsaaro Academy

Being an industry leader in the realm of data privacy, Tsaaro Academy, with a repertoire of reputed privacy professionals, has taken upon itself to shed light and expound upon the various provisions of the bill. We shall be regularly conducting events which will delve into the nuanced provisions of the law, in its letter and spirit.

Our Courses

Tsaaro Academy offers a host of courses which will help prepare professionals for a career in privacy. The new data privacy law will lead to an increase in demand for privacy professionals and these courses will help validate your knowledge and also make your profile stand-out to potential employers.

Our Previous Bootcamps

Tsaaro Academy has been tracking the latest developments in the world of privacy and has tried to spread awareness on the proposed Indian law. Here are some informative webinars and bootcamps where we have discussed the law and its provisions in detail.

Latest Updates

Tsaaro Academy aims to make privacy mainstream and with the new bill, we have researched extensively on the provisions of the new bill and have critically analysed how will the new law work.

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