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Tsaaro Academy has developed a practical course for the training of aspiring data protection officers, compliance officers, in-house counsels, budding lawyers, and anyone looking forward to working in the domain of data protection. This holistic course will ladder up from basic regulatory requirements under GDPR and other international regulations to hands-on experience in data protection compliance programs. 


This course will involve data mapping, key considerations internal or external policies, practical execution of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIAs), handling personal data breach and incident response, addressing Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs), assessing vendors, requirements for international data transfers and documentation. In addition to this, training will involve multiple use cases and scenario-based implementation of privacy requirements in an organization. This course aims to equip you to independently implement privacy requirements in an organization.

  • Practical Training By Industry (Data Protection and InfoSec) Experts 

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    Training Program To Expose Freshers To Years Of Practical Experience. 

  • Opportunity To Network With Data Protection Industry Experts Across The Globe.

Who should take this course?

Data Protection Officers (Current and Aspiring)

Data Protection Professionals and Personnel

Information Officers

Compliance Officers

Human Resources Managers 

In-house counsels 

Budding Lawyers

Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries 

Materials Required

    Internet access for live training sessions

Delivery Format

    Lecture style
    Teacher-led Classroom Training
    Discussions with consultants
    Definite Class timings (Live video lectures on Saturdays and Sundays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm)


    4 hours of daily classes 
    Online 24/7 access
    Soft Copy Study Material
    Practical Exercises
    Live Doubt Clearing
    Career Guidance

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will be able to:● Establish a data protection compliance program● Understand regulatory requirements under GDPR● Incorporate GDPR principles in the organization ● Manage and map the data ● Drafting privacy policies, cookie policies, and internal policies● Security measures to protect data ● Ability to conduct Data Protection Impact Assessment ● Address Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR)● Maintain documentation for accountability requirements● Respond actively to personal data breach and notification requirements

Learning Objectives

● Introduction to the Data Protection Compliance Program ● Understanding GDPR and other Regulatory Requirements ● Managing and Mapping Data ● Key considerations for Privacy policies, Cookie policy, Internal Policies, and Documentation● Day-to-Day application of privacy policies, established procedures, and initiatives● Implementing Privacy by Design and Privacy by Default● Execution of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA), and Risk Management ● Ensuring Data Subject Rights ● Requirements for Vendor Management and International Data Transfers


  • Domain I: Introduction to Data Protection 

    1.1. Right to Privacy1.2. History of Privacy Legislation 1.3. Data Protection Terminologies

  • Domain II: Role of a DPO 

    2.1 Designation of a DPO2.2 Mandatory Appointment of DPO2.3 Expertise and skills of a DPO 2.4 Tasks of a DPO

  • Domain III: GDPR Principles

    3.1 Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency3.2 Purpose Limitation3.3 Data Minimisation3.4 Accuracy3.5 Storage Limitation3.6 Integrity and Confidentiality (Security)3.7 Accountability

  • Domain IV: Data Subject Rights

    4.1 Data Subject Rights4.2 Basic Rules for Data Subject Request4.3 DSAR Exemptions4.4 Practical Application: Data Mapping, Gap Assessment, Privacy Statement, Cookie Policy, and Procedure for handling Data Subject Requests 

  • Domain V: Data Protection Impact Assessment 

    5.1 Significance of DPIA under GDPR5.2 Conducting PIA/DPIA

  • Domain VI: Security of Personal Data

    6.1 Security of Personal Data6.2 Personal Data Breach6.3 Data Breach Basics 6.4 Data Breach Notifications 6.5 Practical Application: DPIA, Data Breach Notification, and Data Breach Management Procedure 

  • Domain VII: Vendor Management 

    7.1 Vendor Audit - Due Diligence 7.2 Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries7.3 Adequacy Status 

  • Domain VIII: Transfer of Personal Data to Third Countries

    8.1 Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs)8.2 Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs) 8.3 Practical Application: Vendor Risk Assessment 

  • Domain IX: Templates and Bonus Session    

    9.1 Templates:9.1.1. Privacy Policy 9.1.2. Privacy Notice9.1.3. Data Processing Agreement9.1.4. DPIA Register9.1.5. HR Data Detention Policy9.1.6. Data Breach and Incident Response Plan9.1.7. SCC Documentation
    9.2. Live session on how to conduct a DPIA 9.3. Live session on how to draft a privacy policy

Trainers & Consultants

Renowned Industry Experts providing Hands-On training


Akarsh Singh

Fellow In Information Privacy |Data Privacy Expert 


Oana Ducuta

Data Protection Officer | Compliance Management


Sudhir Singh

Fellow In Information Privacy | Data Protection Officer


Krishna Srivastava

Information Security Expert |Data Security Expert


Kriti Sharma

MSc. Law & Fin. - Uni. of Oxford (SBS) | B.A. LLB. (Hons.) - National Law Institute University | Healthcare-Tech & Data Privacy Counsel


Bhaskara Nand Shukla

LLM - National Law University | Data Privacy Officer | Counsel


Sanyogeeta Rananaware

Data Protection Privacy | Masters in Technology Law


  • What are the pre-requisites for this course?

    There are no pre-set formal qualifications required prior to sitting this course - it is designed for individuals looking to enhance their knowledge of GDPR and implement a compliance program within their business.

  • What is unique about this course?

    Tsaaro Academy has developed it as a practical course that will ladder up from basic regulatory requirements under GDPR and other international regulations to hands-on experience in data protection compliance programs.

  • Do you offer support for this course?

    Yes, Tsaaro Academy will build your Portfolio as a Data Protection Expert by providing you:• Implementation skills and knowledge,• Practical Training By Industry (Data Protection and InfoSec) Experts, • Training Program To Expose Freshers To Years Of Practical Experience, • Opportunity To Network With Data Protection Industry Experts Across The Globe.

  • What is included in this course?

    As a part of our course we will provide:• 16 hours online live training • Online 24/7 access to learning portal• Study Material• Practical Exercises• Live Doubt Clearing• Career Guidance

  • What is the duration of this course?

    The total duration of the course is 4 days with 8 hours of weekly classes and doubt clearing sessions.

  • Can I get a CIPM certification along with DPO training?

    Yes, Tsaaro Academy is providing you a master course that includes Standard DPO Certification by Tsaaro Academy + CIPM Certification by IAPP.

  • How long till I receive the course confirmation details?

    You will receive your confirmation details within 24 hours of purchase.

  • Are there any discounts available for this course?

    Yes, please connect with our team to know more about the discounts offered. E: moc.oraast%40anhsirk, moc.ymedacaoraast%40ofniP: +91 77609 23421

  • What does being a Data Protection Officer (DPO) necessitate?

    The Data Protection Officer is a role enshrined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Section 4, Articles 37, 38, and 39). Responsibilities of a DPO are:• Monitoring compliance with GDPR and any other data protection provisions including policies, procedures, and training. This is conducted through assurance and audit activity.• Supporting data privacy by design efforts at the initial design phase by providing advice surrounding Data Protection Impact Assessments and informing and advising the Controller or Processor of their obligations under Data Protection law, regulations and guidance.• Communicating with the Supervisory Authority on matters related to different inquiries or compliance matters.This course will walk you through all the roles and responsibilities of a DPO and understand the implementation and hands-on experience in data protection compliance programs.

  • Who has to appoint a DPO under the GDPR?

    All controllers and processors in any case:• Where the core activities of the controller or the processor consist of processing operations which, by virtue of their nature, their scope, and/or their purposes, require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale.• This includes processing of special categories of data or personal data relating to criminal convictions and offenses.• Where the processing is carried out by a public authority or body, except for courts acting in their judicial capacity.Tsaaro Academy will provide hands-on training using use cases and make you ready for a DPO role.

  • I have experience in data security but not much in data privacy - Can I become a DPO?

    Yes, most of the DPOs in India and across the world are from a security background. If you are a security person then you can look forward to becoming a DPO.

  • Can a single DPO be appointed for all entities of a company group?

    Yes, one of the features of DPOs under the GDPR that could significantly decrease the administrative burden on multinational companies is the possibility to appoint a single DPO for a group of undertakings. The GDPR stipulates that this is only possible if the DPO is “easily approachable from each inception”.This course aims to equip you to independently implement privacy requirements in an organization.

  • Is there any refund policy for this course?

Confirmation & Reservation

When registration is confirmed, participants will receive our email confirmation along with information about the course program. If no seats are available for the applied date, you will be notified immediately and given an alternative date. Tsaaro Academy reserves the right to change the course schedules, programs, and content without prior notice. We also reserve the right to cancel a course due to unforeseen circumstances.


Request for withdrawal or postponement must be made in writing to Tsaaro Academy. Refunds arising from course withdrawal/deferment will be subjected to the following terms:

More than 2 weeks before course commencement: Full refund.Less than 2 weeks before course commencement: 50% refund.On or after course commencement: No refund.

Certificate Of Proficiency

All course participants are required to take the DPO Certification exam after completing 4 days of virtual training. Candidates must pass this exam to get the DPO Certification.
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INR 14,999

+ 18% GST

DPO Certification

16 hours of weekly classesOnline 24/7 portal accessSoft Copy Study MaterialPractical ExercisesLive Doubt ClearingCareer Guidance


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DPO Certification + CIPM

Standard DPO Certification CIPM Certification by IAPP

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