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Which among the following is not a Privacy program manager's responsibility?
Which group supports and enhances the effectiveness of the privacy program by adding processes and controls that support privacy principles?
--- is the policy of delegating decision-making authority down to the lower level in an organization, at distance from and below a central authority.
Which of the following best supports implementing controls to bring privacy policies into effect?
Which self-regulation targets the sector where individuals and entities are involved in data-driven marketing in all media?
The scope of the GDPR includes?
In privacy protection, what is a ‘covered entity
Which is the best way to view an organization’s privacy framework?
SCENARIO – Please read the situation and answer the questions that follow – In your organization today, a representative from the marketing department shares with you reluctantly a story with potentially serious consequences. He states that he had gone to a pub to play billiards with his friends and tucked his laptop on a bench. After some time, he realized that the laptop was gone. The laptop was missing and reported stolen. If you ask him if the laptop had personal data from clients, he said yes. Which is the best way to ensure that data on personal equipment is protected?
Personal information must be:
What should not be a part of the Acceptable use policy?
Which of these statements about consent under the GDPR is correct? (a) lt must be as easy to withdraw consent as it is to give it (b) Consent must be provided through a clear and affirmative action (c) Any request for consent must be easy to distinguish (d) The data subject must be able to withdraw their consent at any time
Which program reinforces the organization’s privacy policy and practices?
Who is responsible for updating employees’ knowledge when changes occur?
PbD consists of how many foundational principles?
Which PbD principle anticipates and prevents privacy-invasive events before they happen, rather than waiting for privacy risks to materialize?
Regulatory authorities must be informed only in the event of a
Which department is responsible to ensure the response program is designed to protect privilege and thinking about and designing the program with an eye toward limiting legal liability during incident response planning?
What is the order in which an audit is conducted?
________ is the process of undertaking control, managing, and reporting risks associated with privacy management policies.