Why to Take IAPP Certification?

Why to Take IAPP Certification?

Data Privacy as a concept has started to garner more momentum and interest due to the increase in information available publicly and its usage by the tech companies. With this come associated risk such as data breaches, theft, etc. Therefore, companies look towards professional who are well versed with the concept of privacy and all the risk associated with it.

What is IAPP?

The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) is a platform where individuals can develop their careers in understanding and managing the risks associated with data. The platform has become a community for all the privacy professionals.

IAPP certification

Getting the knowledge and earning yourself an IAPP certification by completing the exam you get an opportunity to join the largest globally recognized community of the IAPP professionals trained as Privacy Professionals. This certification verifies that you as an individual are capable of developing, designing, building, a complete and elaborate data protection program for a company, a firm, etc. Additionally, it equips you with the knowledge of global privacy and information laws.

Benefit of IAPP Certification  

Organisations are constantly looking for privacy professionals who are able to help them in developing a more robust and strong privacy protection measures within the organisation and the data they collect. An IAPP certification will signify that you are an expert in the field with links to other thousands of other professional members and vast number of resources under the IAPP.

 A Salary Survey done by IAPP in 2017 found that holding any of the IAPP certifications can help in leading to a higher median salary. People with CIPT were found to have the highest median salaries at $130,000, followed by CIPM and CIPP credential holders.

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