Right time to build a career in data privacy is today. Here's why!

Right time to build a career in data privacy is today. Here's why!

Data Protection Officers and Network safety specialists have turned into the most pursued professionals in the post COVID world as enterprises across the world wrestle with flooding data breaches, leaks, information breaks, hacking and digital assaults. Cybercriminals are investigating new and progressed ways of penetrating data frameworks, disturbing administration, and data. With remote work turning out to be new, the programmers are having a field day. With that in mind, online protection specialists assume a basic part in guarding organizations' information. 

In pre Covid times, the cybersecurity market had an estimated value of roughly over 156 billion USD and this received a major spike due to the pandemic. This figure is expected to double by the year 2026 to roughly 350 billion USD. There was a sudden rise in spends on cybersecurity by companies during the pandemic, as per the reports of the Gartner observed a 10% increase in cybersecurity spends by companies. 

Here are 4 reasons why building a career in data privacy and cybersecurity today will be beneficial for you:

1. It has a scope of unlimited growth

It's an industry which grows at a very rapid pace everyday and the professionals in it have realized that. When the cybersecurity sphere had just started developing, it was not a specialty and more of a general taste the software engineers happened to know, but now it has developed to become a specialization. The cybersecurity teams can offer individual creative and challenging tasks on a daily basis which will help them evolve as better employees and people. The pay scale is a very handsome one compared to other fields adding to all the other career benefits. 

2. It has huge demand 

Recruiters are hiring continuously, there is a huge vacuum in the cybersecurity world for skilled personnel. To cope up with the increased needs of the industry, there is a need to increase the workforce by 62%. This is increasing everyday and there is nothing stopping it in near sight. Many companies are dedicating teams just for cyber and data security. Cybersecurity is not just a job for software engineers, it covers a huge spectrum of professionals coming from vibrant backgrounds such as programmers, programme managers, software developers, data scientists, system analysts, legal compliance manager etc. thus a variety of individuals who know about the filed can build a career in the same as it needs both technical and non technical personnel. 

3. You will posses the most sought-after skills in the industry

The cybersecurity teams at companies have a variety of professionals such as the security engineers, analysts, ethical hackers, cloud security personnel, security architects, malware analysts, cryptographers, security auditors and cybersecurity engineers. The entire team puts a combined effort to gain the desire results such as managing the security hardware and softwares, preventing illegal uses of the application, identifying the vulnerabilities in the developed software, being legally compliant, conducting test runs, getting in the shoes of a cyber attackers and planning an attack to find loopholes and bugs. 

All of these activities require skills such as a strong programming experience, a thorough understanding of logging and monitoring various processes, knowing network defense mechanisms, knowing how to have a strong network security, cloud application security mechanics, web application security mechanisms, having a good understanding of system vulnerability assessment, secure coding, having a good knowledge of application security. The above mentioned skills are some of the most sought after skills in the cybersecurity and data privacy world and if one manages to develop a good understanding and practical knowledge of the above terminologies, they will make a very good candidate for the hiring managers. 

4. You get to create some real impact

One of the most recent major use cases of cybersecurity was in the Equifax hacking case where the pacemakers of roughly 145 million American citizens were recalled due to some security issues. Cyber and data security matters in today’s world and without it the consequences can be disastrous. If you want a job which has a real world impact even though you may be working from a desk. 


If you decide to be a cybersecurity and data privacy professional, you'll constantly be mastering new abilities and attempting to see new advances. New difficulties will continue to spring up and you'll be presented to a huge number of new individuals, circumstances, and openings to better yourself. It is a very satisfying career and has a scope for a lot of improvements which makes it such a good deal to have and what better time to start than now?   

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